Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Perfect Birthday


    I have decided that I do not want to make a big deal of my 30th birthday, instead I would like the hoopla to be over my 29th birthday as it will be a substantial year of my life and I would prefer to have grand memories from a b-day in my 20’s. Here are my 29 wishes for JUNE 15TH 2012, if some of the things on list happen it would be so nice but if they all happened, it would be perfect. Today is the 2 month mark and I will re-post this on the 15th of every month-this is ample time to make all this happen!

My 29 wishes for my 29th Birthday

1. A surprise visit from someone I haven't seen in a long time.
2. A margarita at ON THE BORDER
3. a 2 and a 9 candle on my cake
4. find my old friend Tonya
5. to talk to my old friend Reza
6. matching outfits with my daughter
7. to reach 100 pounds lost
8. to wake up in our new house
9. a call from my dad
10. maybe an itunes gift card
11. fit into my old size 10's
12. some sort of a surprise
13. I'd like to get my hair dyed again
14. I want to use the gift certificate from last year for a mani/peti
15. I want to buy a straw fedora
16. my step dad to finally copy that Native American Indian chant record
17. wake up to premade coffee
18. wake up to my scented candles already lit
19. chapstick
20. I would like to spend the day at the zoo with my daughter
21. rent a movie at night
22. dock station for my iphone
23. I realize I will not get 100 blog followers by then...I'll settle for 1 more!
24. at the zoo I'd like to watch my little one feed a giraffe
25. i'll come with 3 more things..
28. get in touch with my amiga Maria- CHECK!
29. get an iphone-GOT IT!

"Age is something that doesn't matter-unless you are a cheese."


  1. Oh wow, it looks like I better get started......

  2. yea, is this a subtle hint or what??!!

  3. Well I am officially a follower... Helping you get to 100! (Does that count???) Hey, did you ever write about the meat shoppe we went to? And hypothetically speaking, do you want to eat an obscene amount of rasberries or bedoused in an obscene amount of rasberries? And if you choose the latter, would you want to be warned or surprised???

  4. HAHAHAHA HELENA!!!!! No i have not yet had a chance to write about our adventure,...i will soon. WHAT AN INTERESTING QUESTION YOU POSE!!! I'VE NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT BEING DOUSED IN RASPBERRIES...ONLY NOODLES....SO I DON'T KNOW !? I really do love their soft texture in my mouth, It would be nearly as rewarding to have them on my body? Nobody knows the answer to that question. I will say this-unless you are going to taze me, shoot me, or punch me in the face - I WILL ALWAYS PICK BEING SURPRISED!!!!

  5. Am loving the 29 before 29, yes i see we do share the same birthday year!! Yeah, think bdays are always worth celebrating and making the most of each year. Some fab things on your list:-)x

  6. DANNIE- in what month is your birthday?


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