Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Floral Arrangements

For those of you who are new to THE ULTIMATE LIFE LIST – this blog and my LIST are about getting the most out of life, having incredible experiences, creating memories that make you smile and having as much fun as possible. I decided to do 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS because it is the most special time of the year, there are a million little things that make it so enchanting with so much to see and do. Every year Christmas sweeps me off my feet and I want to share with you my ideas on how to enjoy Christmastime to the fullest! My wish this year is that you all are dazzled by the Christmas spirit, in my opinion Christmas rejuvenates the soul.
    Here are some floral arrangements I made when I was at my flower shop. It’s funny to me to look at these now, I like them and can remember the customers who ordered them and the wonderful compliments I received but I have had so much experience since then, so I look at these and think about what I would change- I miss that job so much. I can’t imagine that I will ever have a job again in my life that I love THAT much. I'm feeling inspired…..


  1. Wow, their really beautiful and shows how talented you are. I really like the one in the stocking, that is so cute!!

  2. Thanks Dannie! That's so nice of you to say! It was a really rewarding job.

  3. My favorites are the bear one, the candle ones and the sleigh ones but I love them all. You have so many things you are good at!


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