Tuesday, November 19, 2013


“All LEGO men are created equal (1.5625 inches tall). What they become is limited only by imagination.”

Where: LEGOLAND Discovery Center Kansas City Missouri

When: June 2013

Cost:  $20 Parent w/ toddler. SeaLife Aquarium & LEGOLAND combo ticket $23 which is very reasonable.

One of the rides- Z loved shooting the bad guys to save the princess!
Why this is on my list: I actually probably wouldn't have decided to go to this because I have a daughter and I would not have expected her to be interested. I was wrong. Six months later she is still talking about it! She loved LEGOLAND, and I really enjoyed it too, Legos have come a long way since I was a little kid-they have pink and purple LEGOS and female LEGO people too. Some people are 'into' LEGOS...really into Legos, we are not those people so luckily the tickets I was given for the SeaLife Aquarium included Legoland which was in the same building because I might not have stepped outside my box otherwise. But this discovery center was great, it was colorful, tailored to little kids and different-until now I had never seen anything like this. I can no longer make that claim, Kansas City is nuts for Legos- we visited 3 Lego sculpture parks while we were there and I have to say, it is really incredible to see these larger then life statues made solely out of thousands of tiny Legos.

Will I go again? Absolutely, if I find myself in Kansas City again. Inside there was a place to make your own lego, a karaoke area, an area where you could play with all the legos you want, karaoke, 2 rides and a large play area for smaller kids. It is an ideal place to spend the afternoon with your kiddos.

Something I'd recommend? It's a must if you have kids- boys or girls will enjoy it and if you visit Kansas City this will probably be the highlight. In fact this was easily our favorite thing while in Kansas City.

 Kansas City is not like Chicago, or Savannah or St Louis, few with tourist attractions. Kansas City is probably not a destination for most who are deciding on a place to vacation. It's a big city but there's not a whole lot to do. We were there in June for 2 weeks because my husband was there teaching a training course and where he hangs his head when he gets these phone calls, I clap my hands and say 'where are we going?!' I'll take a free vacation anywhere, even to Kansas City and when he has to go next year, we'll totally go again! Because even though I had to really do some searching to find things to do in that part of state, we had a really great time and got to see and do a a lot of things we wouldn't have had we just stayed at home.

Birthday Party room with LEGO cake.
LEGO lunch boxes.
Build your own LEGO tower.
“There is strength in numbers. When the bricks stick together, great things can be accomplished.”

                   “Color doesn't matter. 
A blue brick will fit in the same space as a red brick”


  1. Looks cool and pretty quiet, which is always nice when you are trying to see a place! Glad you enjoyed the legoland place. We have a couple in England, but i think it is more an amusement park rather than anything else!

    1. It was definitely a surprise! I'm glad I took z, she loved it and still talks about it 7 months later!


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