Thursday, November 14, 2013

Braces: Today my life changes forever

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Today I finally complete a LIFE LIST goal that I've had for over 16 years and has been 2 years in the making. Actually it was 7 years ago that I had my first orthodontic appointment, 2 years ago I told my husband that I wanted to seriously consider it and make another consultation appointment. 20 months ago I started with my initial consultations and record taking. 18 months ago I got braces. In 3 hours they are taking them off.

My teeth have been my biggest complex since I was 14 years old. I have been embarrassed of them every single day for 16 years. Every time I took a photo, smiled or laughed I was conscious of how bad they looked. Now I will be able to do 3 of my favorite things with pride!

I can't believe it. Just like that. I love that this entire journey from start to finish started on my blog. Making the decision to get them was certainly the most difficult aspect,after all getting adult braces at 29 years old isn't all that glamorous. In the beginning I hated it, but then I became surprisingly used to them and as much of a daily challenge as it's been the reward is something I can't even describe. Being happy with yourself and feeling good about yourself can give you the confidence to change your life.

I feel as anxious, nervous and accomplished as I did when I graduated from college. Like usually the nervous nelly in me is considering all the worst case scenarios.

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"I am so so so excited about this....finally after 15 years of VERY serious consideration....I am finally going to fix my grossly disfigured teeth!! I hate them. This is something that bothers me every day, every time I look at a picture of myself, and makes me so unhappy with myself. I have seen several dentists about this since I was a teen but have always been too concerned with either the cost, discomfort or the idea of being an adult with braces- but every year that goes by I wish I would have done it because it would be over already! 5 years ago I met with an orthodontist and have made and canceled close to 20 appointments but now I finally feel ready. Totally ready to just do it, get it over with and be comfortable with myself. I ought to have them on by the middle of July....if all goes well :)"


  1. It's fantastic that you completed such a life changing and huge goal for you. It's great that you got on with it and made it all come true. Some people put things off for so long and choose never to make those changes, but you got on with it and made it happen. Enjoy your new 'teeth' and well done for not putting it off any longer.xx

    1. Thank you Dannie! It's so surreal to look back at my list and see "get braces" because I actually finally got them and now theyre already off! There's a few issues but they can bd fixed so I'm not totally done yet, but I am happy


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