Tuesday, February 18, 2014


When: August 2013

Where: Cinderella's Castle inside the Magic Kingdom, Disney World Florida

Cost: Since we had the 'deluxe dining plan' it did NOT cost extra 'money', it was however 2 meal vouchers instead of 1 like everywhere else we ate. Which was fine because it included a lot; Your child gets a special photo opportunity with Cinderella along with a 8 x 10 printed photo (included), a magic wand and wishing star from Cinderella, a full meal including desert. And we got to visit with Snow White, Ariel, Jasmine and Beauty. Each of the princesses come right to your table and you are able to take as many photos as you'd like. The 'character dining' in Disney World was absolutely the best aspect of our time in Disney World, particularly for our young daughter, 2, who adores all the Disney Princesses. If you do not take advantage of the character dining you are really missing out.

*reservations must be made in advance, for best results 6 months in advance.

Why this is on my list: I remember eating there when I was about 10 years old with my Aunt, I know I liked it and knew that if I ever went back I wanted to experience it again and it did not disappoint. It was a joy to be able to take my daughter to Cinderellas Castle, she got to meet Cinderella herself and all the other princesses...needless to say she was in heaven.

Will I do it again? Already planning our next trip, though this time I will use my own advice and make the reservations as early in advance as possible to arrange better timing.

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  1. It looks absolutely amazing!!! How fantastic and so cool to get to meet all those princesses. That desert look gorgeous too! Totally agree with you about the character meals, it seems like a great way to meet the characters and in a more relaxed atmosphere.

    When we go to disneyland paris we are going to Cafe Mickey to have a character meal as i think my mum will love it and it's easier for her to see the characters this way.

    No wonder you are planning to go back to Disneyland, it looks fantastic and paradise in so many ways.xx

    1. I'm glad you've got one planned, I think you'll both really like it!
      Disney world really is a magical place!!!


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