Thursday, May 5, 2011

That's NOT for Me! : Visit Outer Space

            Many people have asked me if I want to put fly into outer space on my list. Are you crazy? I don’t want to fly to Phoenix, why on Earth would I or anyone want to fly to outer space???!!!! The good Lord put us on planet Earth for a reason and I don’t think He wants us zippin’ around where we don’t belong. How do I know this? Isn’t it obvious?? We can’t even breathe without our heads stuck in a capsule! What more does outer space have to do to demonstrate to us that we are not allowed there! I found this on a website, I think it describes perfectly why humans and outer space don’t mix.....
“When the human body is suddenly exposed to the vacuum of space, a number of injuries begin to occur immediately. Though they are relatively minor at first, they accumulate rapidly into a life-threatening combination. The first effect is the expansion of gases within the lungs and digestive tract due to the reduction of external pressure. A victim of explosive decompression greatly increases their chances of survival simply by exhaling within the first few seconds, otherwise death is likely to occur once the lungs rupture and spill bubbles of air into the circulatory system. Such a life-saving exhalation might be due to a shout of surprise, though it would naturally go unheard where there is no air to carry it” –Alan Bellows

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