Monday, July 14, 2014

Our 3rd Polynesian Dance Show

After we went to Hawaii I had always thought it would be fun to learn how to hula dance...I just thought I'd take a class or two...later on in life when I had the time and could actually find hula dance lessons. I had NO clue that this little thing written on my list would turn into what it has. I had no idea that my toddler daughter would be able to do this with me, I had NO notions of us dancing in a show...and certainly not 3 years in a row!  I just love how these items on my LIFE LIST can unexpectedly turn into something wonderful that becomes a huge part of my life. My LIFE LIST is really my LIFE CHANGING LIST.

Click HERE to see the pictures from the first 2 years! 


  1. What a wonderful experience to be able to share with your daughter!

    1. It is! She's racked up quite the LIFE LISTING activities being attached to my hip- for a 3 year old she's had all sorts of adventures. My LIFE LISTING buddy!


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