Tuesday, February 21, 2012

juice tuesday: only juice

My goal today was to ONLY drink juice and not eat any solids...I failed. It would be easier if I was not in the house all day and didn't have to feed my daughter. I used to be so busy at work I could and would easily go all day without eating mainly because I didn't want to waste the time! But being at home and making meals and snacks for my daughter who takes 2 bites and is finished..it was difficult, I was hungry and getting a headache but I tried to mostly just eat fruits and vegitables. I wanted to go JUST ONE DAY as that is really what you are supposed to do when you're juicing but since I am still nursing I just gotta eat something otherwise it's too exhausting BUT I thought I could at least go one day! I will attempt it again next Tuesday!

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  1. I know i couldn't go without food, not even for a day!!


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