Sunday, February 12, 2012

Great ideas for Valentine's Day

I am such a sucker for Valentine's Day- I just LOVE it! As I do all holidays but Valentine's Day is so fun and it's so easy, pinks, reds and hearts-the possibilites are endless. I love the balloons, the flowers, the stuffed animals, cards, and really is such a sweet holiday. I was lucky enough to run a flower shop for three years and I always had the best time at V-Day, I got to order all the chocolates, gifts, candles, plush, cards-it was wonderful to work in an industry the caters to Holidays-I was definitely in my element. I love love and all the ways to express it. I always miss working at a flower shop especially around this time of year! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day, whether or not you have a 'love' there is so much you could do to celebrate. I personally do not like the idea of jewelry or expensive gifts like that- I think it's just a good time for all the cheesy, heart shaped, over the top stuff-it's nice to indulge in these things at least once a year. I love to make the most of everything including the holidays so here are some lovely ideas to make someone smile on Valentine's Day.

write it in chalk



personalized cupcakes


box of chocolates


heart shaped egg cooker

heart shaped fruit

heart shaped waffle maker

love the idea of putting it on a shirt

put it in writing

heart shaped pizza

temporary tattoos or secret messages

cheeky photos




love letters!

write in of fruit

sweet photos

rose petals of course!


  1. All great ideas...but hey, where is the heart shaped meatloaf??

  2. Aww, how sweet! Love the pics:-) Am not really in to Valentine's day, but that could be because i have never really got anything! However i have to confess, i told my partner i wanted thorntons chocs for valentine's day. When putting some socks in his sock drawer the other day i came across some, so maybe he actually has decided to get me some. He usually says he doesn't believe in it and doesn't get me anything, but maybe if i keep telling him what i want i will actually get stuff for Valentine's day!

    I haven't told him that i found them, am just hoping they were for me!!

    Enjoy your Valentine's day! Does Joel do anything for you, or you for him?

  3. I hope Ste bought those chocolates for you! That's sweet if so! This year I just got Joel card from Zeeva...I am under the impression that I have a surprise coming tomorrow-I am very excited and hope it's something totally ridiculous!!! I think Valentine's Day is probably more for us ladies (and kids) and men should acknowledge that! My girlfriend said her boyfriend told her that "he is not going to let a holiday dictate his actions" LOL!!!

    1. Ste always claims he is not going to let a holiday tell him what to do, but i think that's an excuse to get him out of getting me anything. When we had first started going out he got me flowers for Valentine's day but bought them a week early for me when they were cheaper!! I should have learnt! Totally agree, Valentine's day is more for us ladies and i would like something:-) Hope Joel does something for you.x

  4. Rox- I totally was thinking about it, didn't know if it would really translate into something romantic...I need to add it-I also need to add a singing telegram!


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